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2016-05-09 09:36:24 Posted by Barbie to Windows 10 Partition Manager

Here is best free Windows 10 manager this year. It's time to have your own Windows 10 manager assistant to optimize, manage, customize, repair and clean up Windows 10 PC.

You need to install a piece of Windows 10 manager on your newly updated Windows 10 PC seriously. This page shows you the best and most popular Windows 10 manager assistant that aims to manage, optimize, repair and clean up Windows 10 laptops and desktops.

What's The Recommended Windows 10 Manager This Year?

You may have heard of many brands of Windows 10 manager in the market. Yes, Windows 10 manager should put on the must-have Windows 10 utilities list since the market share growth of the newest operating system is incredibly high. Nearly all My friends and colleagues are now using Windows 10, but some of them complain that their Windows 10 experience seems not so fluent as Microsoft advertises. Is it the problem of the new OS? Don't make the joke, it's only because they are not taking good care of their Windows 10 PCs.

That's why I mentioned earlier the necessity to employ a Windows 10 manager. Here I recommend you the most popular one this year. It's EaseUS Partition Master, developed about a decade ago, which owns millions of customers all over the world. Any Windows 10 computer hard drive and partitions tweak, management, optimization and cleaning can be well accomplished by this powerful partition manager software.

Use EaseUS Windows 10 Manager to Manage, Optimize, Repair, Clean Up Your Windows 10 PC

Now let's get to know more about EaseUS free partition manager. In general, the Windows 10 manager utility is mainly designed to solve the most common computer hard disk and partition problems, such as fix C drive running out of space, partition needs to be expanded, disk errors, hard drive needs to be formatted and so on. You can know it more clearly by reading the following feature list.

Features and benefits of EaseUS Windows 10 Manager

1. Disk/partition management

EaseUS Partition Master Free includes basic disk management features, which are very useful for home and office Windows 10 PCs. In general, you can apply the software to resize/move partition, create partition, merge partitions, split partition, format partition, delete a partition and more. In a word, you can manage your PC's MBR or GPT disk in a flexible way.

2. View partition properties

Don't be upset when you have no idea about where to check your partition properties in Windows 10, such as used or unused size, partition type, serial number, physical sector information, etc. If you have EaseUS partition manager installed on your computer, just launch it, right-click the drive, select View properties.

3. Disk error repair

check Windows 10 partition

Hard drive bad sectors or other disk errors may cause malfunction. At this moment, you shall know what happened to the disk with detailed information. EaseUS Windows 10 management program allows you to check partition, then you can either call Windows Chkdsk to fix errors or do a surface test.

4. Cleanup and optimization

cleanup and optimize Windows 10

This is a brand new feature coming with EaseUS Partition Master 11.0 edition. Cleanup and Optimization is a tool to keep your system clean and fast. It helps you remove unused files from your system. You got three options: junk file cleanup, large file cleanup and disk optimization.

  • Junk File Cleanup

It cleans junk files from System, Browser, Windows Built-in Applications and other Applications, it will save disk space and improve your computer performance.

clean Windows 10 junk files

  • Large file cleanup

If the capacity of your hard drive is running low, it is time to clean off some files. A good place to start is by locating the largest files on your hard drive. Large File Cleanup can locate these files and then clean easily.

clean large file in Windows 10

  • Disk optimization

Improve the performance of a storage device affected by fragmentation.

Windows 10 disk optimization