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How to merge partitions under Windows 8?

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2017-09-11 14:40:44 Posted by Daisy to Windows 8 Partition Manager

How to merge partitions to extend partition size for better performance under Windows 8/10? Free partition Windows software can easily and quickly merge partition to get a bigger one.

About Windows 8

Over the months, program developers, IT professionals and software providers kept their eyes on the newly Microsoft OS - Windows 8. Microsoft released Windows 8 Consumer Preview on February 29, 2012 and welcomed all to experience news features in this Windows 8.

Microsoft acclaimed that it was a revolutionary operating system. Compared with previous operating systems, the most significant change in Windows 8 is the interface. Windows 8 adopts fashionable Tile interface. Users can customize apps in this interface and the familiar Start button is canceled. Besides, Windows 8 also has many new functions. For example, users can boot the system in several seconds; it allows users to run Windows 8 with enterprise apps, data and settings via USB device; it installs Windows Store internally; ISO and VHD files can be loaded directly without installing any virtual drive; it seamlessly integrates Microsoft online storage website SkyDrive; it contains the built-in virtual technology Hyper-V; and more.

When you installed Windows 8 in your PC and find your poor system volume can hardly hold the Windows 8, I would suggest you to merge partitions in order to extend the system partition with EaseUS Partition Master Free. Main features are:

  • Fully support Windows 8 and Windows 7/XP/Vista
  • Easy-to-understand and user-friendly interface makes it simple to resize/extend/merge/shrink partitions.
  • Partition recovery function can retrieve lost partitions back.
  • It is secure and reliable.
  • This Windows 8 partition manager software has powerful functions and is able to meets users' many kinds of disk management demands.

How to merge partition with Windows 8 partition manager?

Next, we'll show how to merge partition for Windows 8 with EaseUS Partition Master Free.

Before merging partitions for Windows 8, you should first download EaseUS Partition Master Free from our website or CNET. Then install it to the partition that will not be operated in order to save the inconvenience of restarting computer. After that, we can begin to merge partitions for Windows 8.

Launch EaseUS Partition Master Free and you will see the main interface with disk map of your PC.

Select any partition in this interface and right click mouse. Select "Merge partition" option in the menu.

Merge Windows 8 Partition

In this Merge partition window, you should first choose two neighbour partitions: Partition D: and F: in the partition layout.

Select partitions to merge

Choose the merge destination: partition D: by selecting a partition label in the drop-down list of "Merge selected partitions to"

Select partition you merge to

Click OK, the program will check file system on the partitions.

Video tutorial for EaseUS Partition Master Free

In general, although Windows 8 built-in disk management tool has some basic partition features, I strongly suggest you to use professional partition software - EaseUS Partition Master Free to resize your Windows 8 partitions, which can improve efficiency and reduce risks of disk management.

For more detailed information, please visit resizing and moving partitions.