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How to resize dynamic disk system volume on Windows Server 2008?

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2016-09-22 16:22:56 Posted by Daisy to Windows Sever 2008 Partition Manager

Resize dynamic system volume or boot volume under Windows Server 2008/2003/2012 with best dynamic disk manager software: EaseUS Partition Master to resize dynamic system volume to increase its capacity.

Resize dynamic disk system volume with Disk Management under Windows Server 2008

If you are a Windows Server 2008 user with dynamic disk system volume, you can extend your system volume with your built in Disk Management when you meet the following conditions.

  • There are unallocated space on your system disk.

    First, you have to know the basic property of dynamic volumes. Only simple and spanned can be extended. If you have unallocated space on your system disk, and your system volume is simple or spanned volume, you can extend your system volume directly under Disk Management. Right click your system volume and choose extend option.

  • There are no unallocated space on your system disk.

    In this situation, you have to buy another hard disk, then you can extend your system volume.

To be honest, Disk Management is relatively complex to resize partitions because it has some limitations. I suggest you buy a third party professional system volume to do this job.

Resize dynamic disk system volume on Server 2008 with server partition manager software

When I suggest others to buy partition software to resize partition, they often retort upon me, saying that they can resize their partitions under Disk Management even when there is no unallocated space on their disk. I know the built in Disk Management of Server 2008 can resize partitions. What I forget to mention you is that you can only extend it when there is unallocated space behind this partition. If you have no, you can't. It means that even you can shrink other partitions to release unallocated space, you can not extend system volume because those unallocated space is not behind your system volume. This is all because you can not move partition.

I recommend you a third party partition manager software: EaseUS Partition Master. It can convert dynamic disk to basic one without data loss, and you can resize, move partitions freely. The Server Edition can do you great favor with your intention to resize dynamic disk system volume.

Tutorial to resize system volume on Windows Server 2008

Solution 1: Resize dynamic volume directly with "Resize volume"

Solution 2: Convert your dynamic disk to basic. When there are other partitions on your system disk, you can shrink one to release more unallocated space, move the partition to let the unallocated space behind your system volume.

Solution 3: Copy dynamic volume to a basic disk first and resize the basic disk, and then convert it back to dynamic disk as you like.

Either you want to resize the dynamic system volume by copying it first or converting dynamic disk to basic directly, EaseUS Partition Master, can help you to achieve it in a efficient and safe way. We highly recommend you to download a trial version and have a try before buying. For more detailed guidance of how to achieve this, please refer to: How to safely extend or enlarge dynamic disk/volume under PC or Windows Server?

Resize dynamic system volume Server 2008

Besides partition manager features, EaseUS partition manager software also provides some other features like Partition Recovery Wizard to recover data, Disk & Partition Copy Wizard to upgrade or backup disk and ensure your data security.