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How do I avoid data or partition loss during partitioning?

From the feedbacks of our customers, we get to know that some of them lost their partitions or data during the operations of EaseUS Partition Master. To avoid any more such issues happen again, do backup your partition or disk before any partition changes with Partition & Disk Copy built in EaseUS Partition Master. We strongly suggest you not to use EaseUS Partition Master under following conditions:

  1. If there is any possibility of power failure at your home or office;
  2. Termination of EaseUS Partition Master during partitioning;
  3. Too many bad sectors on the hard disk;
  4. The system partition is not the first partition;
  5. If there are two systems in the computer and you want to repartition the system drives.

The above situations may cause failure of partition process, and that will lead to data or partition loss. Once you encountered partition or data loss during using EaseUS Partition Master, we suggest you use Partition Recovery Wizard function to recover the deleted or lost partition or EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard Free Edition to recover lost data.