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EaseUS Partition Master Customer Testimonials

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Vista problem solved! (12/22/2007)

Dear support team, i want to say very thank you for your help and patience. Today i did what you recomended by last email and could create a bootable CD. I want you just to inform about it. I wish you a wonderful Christmas time and a happy new Year 2008.

Kind Regard, Guenther Zimmer

Congratulations!! (12/9/2007)


Everything work perfect I like your product. Congratulations!!


Thank you! (11/8/2007)

Thank you! We purchased your product and it worked beautifully to resize a C: drive on Windows XP.


Absolutely bloody fantastic!!!! (8/14/2007)

Absolutely bloody fantastic!!!!

Thank you!

I purchased the software today, spent close to 5 hours performing back ups (better safe than sorry) and then reconfigured the partitions in approximately 5 minutes. Rebooted the system, let the software do it's stuff and 40 minutes later I was done.

Tremendous value and very big thank you from me!


Andy Halford

Kudos! (7/31/2007)

As a computer engineer for over 20 years, we struggled for over eight hours to extend a boot partition on a Windows 2000 Server with trial and error with over 8 other third party programs as Microsoft doesn't support this as an option. Then we can across your product which enabled us to easily extend our boot partition with unallocated space with ease!


The Computer Place

Thank you again! (6/25/2007)

I went back on your Web Site, downloaded the newest version, and IT WORKED for the first time ever.

Thank you. I will now remove the other partition programs I have, as they do not work. Partition Magic, Ghost, etc. What a waste of all my money and time.

I don't know what you did to the latest version, but I am very satisfied.

I teach senior citizens computer usage and I have over 600 clients.

I will be sending all your way and then I will show them how to do it. Most are very eager to learn.

Thank you again.


THANKS SO VERY MUCH!!!!! (6/8/2007)

Good Morning!!!!!!

I just wanted to thank you folks over atEaseUS!!!

I purchased your product this morning online, downloaded it, uninstalled the trial, rebooted, installed the "live" product, changed my 'c:' partion on my server, rebooted, saw:"Successful", rebooted again, & PRESTO - 50GB on my server's 'c:' boot partition.



Tom Mullally

I.T. Manager

Village of Evergreen Park


Did you guys ever think about writing a CORRECT windows operating system??? :)

Thanks for the great product! (6/4/2007)

Thanks for the great product! I had a problem after upgrading my disk with the partition table showing incorrect space usage, and your product was the only one (I tried Acronis, Disk Doctors NTFS Recovery, PC Doctor and of course chkdsk) that fixed it!

I had copied my partitions using a sector by sector partition copy program that expanded my primary partition for the larger disk size of my new disk. When I rebooted, it showed the correct disk size in BIOS, and on Windows XP disk utilities, BUT there was still no new free space (e.g., I had 31GB of "used" space, 4gb of "available" space - but the partition was a 53GB partition!!!). All of the other programs only "saw" a 35GB partition but I new the primary partition was actually 53GB because I could see it in the Windows XP disk manager as a full 53GB.

Anyway, I am not sure if there was an easier way, but using easus (which was the only program to correctly see the 53GB partition and the free space as well!), I shrunk the primary partition to zero free space, and then expanded it back.to the way it was so that easus would rewrite the partition table (that was my hope anyway!!!!). I am happy to report it worked.

Thanks again for the great product - saved me a lot of time that would have been spent reinstalling everything.


Regarding your new Partition Manager 1.6.1 (2/14/2007)

Hello EaseUS,

Regarding your new Partition Manager 1.6.1:

In this day and age, it is rare to receive this kind of quality software, at a reasonable price, along with superior support! The ultimate is ten minutes after paying for the software, downloading and installing the software, "it worked"! No issues, No problems, No hassles! This is the true "WOW" for 2007 "EaseUS Partition Master". Thanks for all the help and for making a reasonably priced partition manager solution that really works.

Thank you EaseUS!

Sam's Rental

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