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EaseUS Partition Master Customer Testimonials

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One year of serious stress induced by a full C: drive on my SBS server has finally come to an end thanks to EaseUS Partion Master Server Edition. Your price is right compared to competitive products and the product is very easy and safe to use. The only thing I would add is some documentation on what to expect after applying the changes and Windows reboots. Other than that; FANTASTIC PRODUCT! (You can quote me on it too!) Thank you very much and have a Merry Christmas!

Randy Neufeldt

A+ free partition manager (12/23/2009)

Hey folks, I must say I just reloaded a new HP desktop and for some unknown reason I ended up with 4 partitions in win 7. I did a quick search to see if I could fix it before reloading it again. I found your site with the free partition resize program. It used it and it work perfectly. I removed it back off the machine when It was done. I have booked marked your site and the next time I need a recovery program I will be back to buy yours, if it works half as good as the free program I can't go wrong. I've been doing pc support since 386's were out and your program is the easiest I've ever used...Good Job.

Excellent program (12/21/2009)

EaseUS Partition Master Home Edition.

Excellent compact program. Works quickly, the interface is clear even to a child.

Many thanks to the authors.


Great products (12/17/2009)

Just wanted to what great products you do, and for free. You saved my life. I have been repurposing a PC for a friends X-Mas present, and needed to resize the system partition, your Home Edition Partition Manager program couldn\'t have been easier. Although the three reboots it did before finishing gave my heart a bit of a flutter. But it came out fine. I will not hesitate to recommend your programs to others.

Thanks again, Paul...

Paul Margarve

partition server edition works great (12/16/2009)

The program worked great. Our partition was resized from 160 Gigs to 1 Terabyte in about 10 seconds.

Thank you.


Great product (12/15/2009)

I have just succefully used your partition manager, what a JOY! You really need to advertise this more. I will sing your praises to my friends in need.

Thank you for a fine product.

L. Kevin Lane

free fantastic partition manager (12/14/2009)

I recently dowloaded and used the latest version of your partition manager and I wanted to thank you for offering such a fantastic product at no cost. It was fast, intuitive, reliable, and perfectly effective. It saved me hours of work and boredom. I will pass on word of your great company and products to everyone who will listen.


EaseUS Partition Master works as it claimed (12/11/2009)

I just downloaded the partition master and it worked great. I was a bit apprehensive about downloading the program, but it did exactly what it was supposed to do.

Thank you


This is a tool that Jesus would use! (12/11/2009)

Hi Support - What I spent for your product that took 15 minutes to do was pretty cool.

Windows Vista being the problem and having to shrink the partition to install Ubuntu on my laptop.

I have "don't stay up past 2AM" rule that I broke last night and stayed up till 3:30. When I finally gave in and found you little part tool. I bought it and down loaded it when I woke up.

Worked like a snap... Installed da ubu ! This is a tool that Jesus would use!

Jesus (Hsysuse) is a mexican tech friend of mine.. I just like to say it.


Magic Partition Server Manager (12/08/2009)

I used the software this morning on a windows 2003 server. It worked great, no problems at all. I resized a 500gb drive, that was split into a C: drive 12gb and D: drive 480gb. I made D: sized down to 400gb and enlarge the C: drive with the new free space, it was a life saver.

thank you for the great software!

Best partition server manager (12/01/2009)

Best $150 I ever spent! Just repartitioned the OS drive on a mission critical windows 2003 server. Total time was less than 5 minutes. I now have lots more space on my system drive without having to reformat and reinstall everything.


Partition management (11/30/2009)

Your product is phenomenal!!!

I have been getting messages that I was running out of disk space. My C drive had a capacity of only 29G, while my D drive was in excess of 400G. In that I'm not particularly savvy regarding current software......I'm running Vista.

I tried everything I could find for the past couple of months to resolve the problem....Lenovo file management ... Diskpart.....advice...etc. with no success. Finally, I happened on to your web site.

I downloaded your software and with practically no effort at all, I was able to expand my C drive. It did hang up my computer half way through the operation; however, I rebooted and everything was great.

Thank you.

Tom Hines

Thanks!!! (11/27/2009)

I just wanted to say thanks for the free program https://www.partition-tool.com/personal.htm

It works amazingly and install flawlessly.

Lukasz Tarkowski

Great Product (11/27/2009)

I just downloaded and used your free partition master and i wanted to thank you! after hour of stumbling i could easily format my external 500G HDD with Fat32.

great product :)

hugues viens

WOW. Fantastic! (11/16/2009)

I have to tell you, after 2 days of frustration, trying to split my 500gig in two so I could install Windows 7. I tried, Acronis Disk manager 10.0, Partition Magic 8.0 and Gparted latest Ver. None of them could do it. First two would not even recognize my HD on reboot and Gparted said the HD had a bad sector even though Chkdsk said it was good. Your FREE Home Edition did it in 10mins.

WOW. Fantastic! Thank you ever so much. 32 year Computer tech, love it when a product does exactly what it says. Will spread the word for you. Thanks again.


Magic partition manager for servers (11/11/2009)

Thank you so much for your help. I have been testing your software extensively and am very pleased with what I am finding. I have not used it yet as the customer that I bought it for has a dynamic disk server with problems. I have never bought a partition software before as I need to have a lot of confidence in this type of product before I use it. I am building said confidence in your product. It seems to do exactly what you are saying. As I have a LAN Managenment company, I will look to your products first as I truly like what I am seeing. I hope to stay abreast of the EaseUS product line & to do future business...

Your quick follow up email & answering of all of my questions makes me think that you stand behind your products quite nicely...

Thanks so much for your help...


Thanks very very much for solving this problem for me. (11/2/2009)

Just downloaded, installed and repartitioned my harddrive in less than a half-hour. Windows 7 own disk management software would not allow me to extend my partition into the unallocated space before my main partition but EaseUS did, without blinking. FANTASTIC.

Thanks very very much for solving this problem for me.

Kindest regards.


testimonial (10/30/2009)


I am very pleased with your partition tool, works like a charm.

Greetz from The Netherlands,


Thankyou very much. (10/15/2009)

I just Home Partition Manager and it worked perfect, nice piece of software, well done.

Brad Lundahl

Fantastic program- EaseUS Partition Master Home Edition (10/15/2009)

Just used Partition Manager. Fantastic program, had spent days investigating extending a bootable partition, your program did it in under a minute. Thank you

paul brady


I used your Partition Manager Home Edition and It was SO EASY to use, and it did the job RIGHT THE FIRST TIME!

Thank you so much for offering this program for free. You don't know how thankful I am to have found a program as good as this one. THANK YOU!

Alex T.

Great Product (10/12/2009)

You have a great product. We used EaseUS Partition Master 4.0 Server Edition on a server that would have been very difficult to rebuild from scratch if we had done a reformat in order to resize the C: drive. This product did exactly as advertised, we were able to resize a server C: drive by using available D: drive space easily and in much less time than what would have normally been expected.

Dennis Schafer

City of Rochester, NH

I'm impressed (10/11/2009)

I just downloaded and installed your Partition Master Home Edition in hopes of resolving a problem that Norton's Partition Magic could not solve. Needless to say, I was not optimistic given that yours is a FREE download and I had paid for the Norton utility. But much to my surprise, your product was not only able to solve the problem, it was intuitive and very easy to use (I never even read any documentation or used the Help section.) I'm impressed. Usually after downloading a new program, I end up uninstalling it as quickly as I can and then I fire off a negative email response to the maker of the product. This is a pleasant change for me. Thanks.

Paul Jacobus

Thank you for your products!! (10/10/2009)


Thank you for your reply. I have cloned a drive successfully with your product and I find Partition Master Home Edition to be an exceptional product. It has worked flawlessly in both cloning and resizing partitions. I can not thank you enough for providing such a valuable tool at no cost to a home user!

Additionally, to get a fast reply and support for a free product is further testimony to your commitment for providing quality products and support.
Thank you for your products!!

Val Wooley
Ocala, Fl.

Partition Master (10/10/2009)

Thank you for the excellent freeware version of pme (Home Edition). It allowed me to partition the drive on my netbook, whereas Partition Magic (v8, which has worked for me in all other XP situations) failed miserably, even booting from DOS. Thanks again.


I am wowwed by your software! (10/09/2009)

I just downloaded and repartitioned my Vista (pain in the ass) PC.

I am wowwed by your software!

I've been a pc technician for 25 years, and this is the first time I've come across something this elegant, and it actually worked flawlessly.

I am hooked on EaseUS.



Vancouver, BC

THANK YOU!!! Great tool. (10/08/2009)

THANK YOU!!! Great tool.

I was getting very low on my C disk with all its programs. This saved me.


Thank you for the free disc partition tool (10/07/2009)

Just wanted to say thank you for the free disc partition tool. 'EaseUS' Partition Master. I have Windows Vista Home Premium installed but relied on the information on your web-site and your partition manager in order to free up disc space on my hard-drive. My drive had 2 partitions: c: Install and D: Data. I was running out of space on c:drive and was able to use partition manager to sort it all out. I am a complete novice when in comes to disc partitioning but found it very easy with EaseUS Partition Master.

Thanks again for a great free product and the Web-based tuition.

Janet McDool

Hello (9/28/2009)

I have been struggling with how to partition my Vista laptop for the past two years. Microsoft's Computer manager does half the job, but is very limited, and Partition manager doesn't have a Vista version.

I just discovered your parttion master on the web. I would have been willing to pay for something decent, and you even GIVE it away. It did the job perfectly, and I rejoiced. There were a few issues, like it named the partitions A and B and there was a crash on repositioning one partition (couldn't write system info for some reason). I was nervous, but Vista recovered after failing to do the repair it promised. It appears that everything is ok after a normal reboot.

Thank you for going beyond Microsoft and for the gift. I will be interested to see what else you have that I might use.



Other Comments or Suggestions (9/21/2009)

I just wanted to say THANK YOU!!! I just cloned my 40 MB hard drive to a new 500 MB hard drive and repartitioned it to 1 partition.

It was very very easy and worked well! Thank you so much for making this available to home users for free.

Best regards,

Dee Sperling

a little positive criticism (9/21/2009)

Just downloaded your free software, the Home Edition, and it really solved all my problems. I had been struggling with creating a FAT32 disk of more than 32 gigs, and your software did the job in a few minutes. So I just wanted to thank you for offering free software, keep up the good work. You made my weekend! I'll try to recommend you to as many people as possible.

Regards, from a satisfied user

Mads Fjeldhoff, Denmark.

The perfect work! Thank you! (9/2/2009)

Good morning!

I can't be in silence :) I must tell you - it's the best freeware programm I've ever seen! The perfect work! Thank you!


Easus Partition Master customer says Thank You (8/31/2009)


I was recently given two SATA hard drives, so I decided to make external storage devices with them. The drives had to be formatted, which normally would be no big deal if they were inside a PC, but not so easy if they are in external cases and the computer does not yet recognize them as drives. I already have Partition Magic (which I paid a sizable bit of cash for a couple years ago), which I thought would do the job with no problem, but Partition Magic not only failed to format the disks, Partition Magic created fatal errors, rendering the disks unusable.

I found EaseUS through a search engine, and within a few minutes I had the drives formatted and running. I am highly pleased with EaseUS! EaseUS did the job so fast and so well that it now feels odd to have such a great program on my computer that I no longer need.

I am not rich, so I can't afford to pay for the professional edition, but as a means of saying thank you I can at least do a bit of boasting about EaseUS on a blog that I manage.

Thank you very much for offering EaseUS for home use; know that your product and work are very much appreciated.



Great software great job! (8/14/2009)

I discovered your great partition managing softwGreatarea few days ago. It was just what the doctor ordered for the problems I was having. Great software great job!


bob melville

Thanks (8/10/2009)

Dear Sirs,

thank you for the free products you offer to home users.

I have used Partition Manager and it works great.

I am going to try your new Todo Backup.

Thanks again for offering these products to us.

Jerry Gerald Grapes Sr

Great product (8/9/2009)

Just wanted to write to say you have a great product. My C drive was full and so I tried to unpartition my D drive. I could not get the C drive to then use the unallocated space until I downloaded your Partition Manager. And after that I had it done in less than two minutes.

Great product. I think somehow you need to get your product closer to the beginning of the internet search line. I spent about an hour looking over several sites until I got to yours. Yours work, and it worked fast. Thanks.

Mr. Randy Posslenzny

I'm impressed! (7/28/2009)

I opened your newest version of the free EaseUS edition and followed the clearly stated steps that directed me how to successfully copy my active drive (C) and store the copy onto a separate drive.

I accomplished the task from A to Z by simply following the prompts and the directions, and did it on the first go!

Rest assured, when I need the services or products you offer, your site will be my first stop!

Even a kid under supervision would be capable of doing the above.

I'm impressed!

Gene Saker

Thanks!!!!!!!!!!! (7/27/2009)


I just wanted to leave you guys a testimonial for your Server Partition Software.

We have a small business in Sydney Australia and our C Drive was full. We had 5 computer technicians tell us that we cannot resize the partition and that we would have to buy another server and reload all the software at a cost of more than $10,000 AUD.

Within 30 minutes of using your program the problem was fixed and we now have a server that will last another 3 years.


Anthony Rosier

Thank you (7/25/2009)


I would like to Thank you for offering your fantastic software EaseUS Partition Master Home to home users.

I live in a nursing home and am a bed-bound paraplegic with very limited funds. I just wanted to express my appreciation.


EaseUS did the trick, and it made my day! (7/22/2009)

Hi EaseUS

I just want to thank you for the EaseUS partition master. Fantastic tool!

I was just about to format my HD (again), due to space problems, when I came across your tool.

EaseUS did the trick, and it made my day!

Preben Arnfjord


EaseUS Partition Master 4.0 Home Edition. (7/20/2009)

Thank you for a very useful program.

I just bought an SSD which was smaller than my existing hard drive. My Drive Copy program would not copy and resize to a smaller partition.

Thanks to EaseUS Partition Master I was able to reduce that partition on the existing drive to a smaller size than the new drive and copy my system across.

Thank you once again.

Mike Holden

THANKS! (7/8/2009)


Your software is terrific. It has rescued 3 our my servers from a long and arduous process to resize "2003 Small Server".

Each process went very smoothly and the on-screen notifications were just enough to allow me to monitor the progress.

Excellent! I'm recommending this products to anyone with an fdisk issue of any kind.



Thanks a lot (7/8/2009)


My HDD was in deep trouble, with some physical damage. On Google search found your Partition Master Home Edition, and partitioned the HDD to exclude the bad sectors and it saved my day.

Thanks a lot for the good work.

May God Prosper You,


Highly Recommended (7/1/2009)

Dear EaseUS,

I just used your Home Edition to resize the c drive on my Sony Laptop which came with c and d partitions....the C drive was full with all my installed software.

I was previously told I had to buy a product from a certain well known virus software company.

The donwnload was free, fast and the whole process took about an hour. Anyone can do this, you dont need to be a computer whiz.

Many thanks for this great tool.

Highly recommended.

Mark Gibson

Advanced Marketing Concepts
Sales and Marketing Performance Improvement

Many Thanks (6/29/2009)

I downloaded a prtition manager only a couple of days ago. After installing and bigger hard drive in my laptop I tried a couple of progs to partition it but couldn't get the full capacity.

I did a full backup of my data (just in case) the proceded to re-size my C and D drives to use up the unallocated space. Eventually I went to bed and left it running.

Next morning it was all done and my laptop is running like a dream.

Many MANY thanks for a brilliant piece of software.


Thank you! (6/29/2009)

Dear Sir or Madam,

I just wanted to say "thank you" for a remarkable product. Although I write for a technology-related publication, I am woefully inept when it comes to maintenance of PCs and such, so when an old laptop was acting up due to an artificial bottleneck created by the factory-set partitions of its hard drive, I came close to tossing the thing.

Fortunately, a web search found your "Partition Master" freeware and, unlike other partition management programs I'd tried, it permitted me to easily resize the partitions with help of your simple-to-follow, step-by-step tutorials -- on the first attempt!

The laptop is back in service controlling a robotic telescope mount when I'm in the field.

Partition Master saved me at least the cost of expert technical assistance if not that of a replacement laptop and, even more important, the hassle of moving a number of custom, dedicated programs to a new machine.

I've bookmarked your website and it'll be my first stop when we're next presented with a data-recovery challenge.

Thanks again.

Gary Parkerson

Managing Editor
Astronomy Technology Today

BRILLIANT!! (6/15/2009)

I used your free home partition manager yesterday after fitting a new hard drive. I tried to get Paragon to recongnise the unallocated partition, but the wizard could not find it. Yours found it straight away, and the job was done with 2 clicks.

BRILLIANT!! Many Many thanks.

Malcolm Wheatley

GREAT! (6/15/2009)


I just bought Partition Master 3.5 Server Edition, and used it. I want to tell you that it worked GREAT! I couldn't be happier. I used it to increase the size of my C: partion on a windows 2003 Server usyng raid 5 and it was just what I needed.

James Buckwalter

YOU ROCK! THANKS (6/10/2009)

I just want to thank you. I'm pretty much a computer hack at best and was having trouble deleting enough files from my C: drive because when it was partitioned a few years ago, the 40 GB hard drive was 15/25 and it was full with all the programs downloaded.

I was at a lost when I found your product.

Now enter in my fear factor of blowing up my computer and having no access anywhere or anyhow other than a new system.

I downloaded your product and despite my fears, found it easy to navigate...even for ME! I have successfully increased my C: Drive and made the D: drive smaller with a few easy clicks of the mouse.


Greg Hoffman


Gentlemen and Gentlewomen:

I have just performed the delicate task to copy a dual boot Windows Vista and Windows 7 RC and using your fine software with great success despite some "sweaty moments" due to first time trial.

I tried your cloning software first but a 120GB disk would take almost 20 hrs, with a chance of failing. so I switched to copy the disk using your Partition Mgr. who did the task in less than 2hrs. Superior and now my new 320GB laptop disk works perfectly, even the Restore function, always a touchy thing and no "mumblings" from either Vista or Win 7.

You have been a great help to a retired 81 year old guy with ltd funds and it was a lot of fun too.

Respectfully and thankfully yours,

Kaj Schibler in Vancouver, Canada

Best Software (6/4/2009)

Thank you so much for e.p.m partition home. It is without doubt, the best software that I hav er used. It saved me having to re-install vista and I can now finaly use the whole of my hard drive. Thanks again and again for a superb piece of software. I am going to tell everyone about you.

Royston Allen

THANK YOU (5/25/2009)

After spending hours trying to get back 65gb of unallocated space using other software (smashing a keyboard in the process) I came across your free partition master. It took about 15 seconds if that. Needless to say, thank you so much and I would recommend this tool to anyone!

(And yes you can use that in an advert if you want, just THANK YOU!)

Chris Garrott

Worked Perfectly! (5/20/2009)

I would like to thank you for a fantastic product. I have been trying over the past few weeks to relocate free space from my partitions to my active partition, with such programs as Paragon etc, to no avail. I downloaded your Home Edition 3.5 and its all worked perfectly, thank you, thank you, thank you!

Don McKinnell

Worked as Expected! (5/8/2009)

Have just downloaded & used EaseUS Partition Master and it worked as expected. It would be nice to warn your users of the lengthy nature of the partition resizing process; other than that, great software!!!!

Ike Uzoegwu

ICT Manager, UNICEF Niger

Thank You! (4/29/2009)

Man O man, your server product just saved my butt, your product worked like a charm.

It was extremely quick!!! I repartitioned a live 2003 MS Server.

Thank you.

Larry Gilbert

Thanks! (4/23/2009)

Just used your free partition utility. It was God-Sent.

Many many thanks.

David Hoefer

Thank you! (4/20/2009)

Hi there,

My PC operates a dual-boot system of XP & Vista, I'd just like to thank you for creating a simple-to-operate Disk-management program.

Since becoming a Vista user, I have struggled to find any such thing, even Acronis - who's 'True Image' backup suite is brilliant - failed miserably at both the task, and any sort of support for their product. Whilst I cannot comment on your after sales performance (as I have happily not needed it) I must heartily recommend the product for doing what it says on the tin.


Colin G Eastwood

Great Product!! (4/13/2009)

I used your EaseUS Partition Master, having very limited computor skills, and had extremely good success. I just wanted to thank you for the great product you have. I will continue to look to EaseUS for all my software needs.

Thanks again!

Paul N. Bahr

Thank You for a Great Product (4/8/2009)


I'm sending this just to say "thank you" for a great product. For weeks I've been stuck with an unusable chunk of hard disk after I installed acronis on a 15-day trial, decided I didn't need it & removed the program but was left with a 13GB partition it had created & no way to remove it.

I posted this problem on Computer Active magazine's online forum & someone recommended your Partition Manager as a possible solution. I downloaded it more in hope than expectation (especially as it's free), backed everything up, read the instructions then it took about two minutes to carry out the procedure which, I'm thrilled to say, worked a treat. I now have all my disk space back & available for use.

Thank you very much & good luck to you. I've posted back to the help forum saying how good & easy to use Partition Manager is.

Martin Berry

Thank you so very much (4/1/2009)

Dear EaseUS Folks:

I recently had to backup my entire hard drive and restore it to a newer, larger one. My O/S is Windows 2000, and I used a ghost application that forced me to put all of the old drive's contents into one area if I wanted to make it a bootable drive, leaving the unused space as "unallocated".

I downloaded your free Home Edition and within minutes had that problem fixed. I defragmented my drive and all my files are just fine. Thanks so much for your wonderful application and your choice to make the Home Edition free.

I will certainly recommend this product to my business collegues and anyone in need of paritition support.

Ann Windebank

Excellent Design (3/30/2009)

I just want to say THANK YOU for excellent freeware programs Partition Master & Disk Copy. They work very well and also excellent design.

Thank you to EaseUS team!


Easy to Use and Powerful (3/27/2009)

Dear Sirs,

Thanks a lot for Your Partition Master.

I found it very useful. Now my computer is really professionally partitioned.

Your programm is easy to use and powerful.

I found You searching on Google with the words: "Disk Partition".

My best regards.

Venerando Finocchiaro

Research Quickly and Independently (3/24/2009)


You asked where I heard about your products.....well, when one of my drives failed not to long ago, I needed a product quickly...did some extensive research quickly and came up with your, EaseUS, products, quite independent of any support from anyone else.

Also, I have recently retired from the "computer industry" doing work for the Federal Government, so I am quite familiar with the hardware, software and network side of the industry.

You have some very good products, thanks.

Keep up the great work!!! Do you have any other products you plan for the future?

Patrick Kenny

Congratulaions (3/1/2009)

Thank you EaseUS,

I remember using a very early version (DOS of course) many years ago.

Found your Vn.3.0.1 on Internet. It has just solved a major problem that I had. Worked like a charm. Also congrats on your copious Help.pdf.

Well done...

Rex Israel

super program (2/24/2009)

I have a Sony Vaio from a few years ago. It is partitioned with the OS on the C drive. Over the years the C drive became cluttered and filling up. I moved as many files as I could but it still became full. An then I found partition manager. I now have new life on my PC and plenty of room on both the C and D drive. I have told everyone I know about this amazing save of my PC. I was about ready to dump it.

Thank you.


Thanks (2/23/2009)


I ran into a PC problem this weekend. I worked out I needed a partition solution. Partition Magic was too expensive. I googled and found Easus. Checked the review on Download.com. Downloaded and gave it a try. My problem fixed! It's a great piece of software. Congratulations and thanks.


Thank you once more for your products. (1/23/2009)

Thank you once more for your products, and for your feedback!

I have used two of your (free!) products - the Disk Copy utility and the Partition Manager, and they have done what other expensive software by Acronis was failed to do - I have re-partitioned my disk, and have moved my several OS'es with no problem, and no hassle at all in a minimum time!!! I have spent several useless days with Acronis before I have tried your stuff!

If you guys don't mind, I am going to place your button and links to your site in several software sites/blogs visited by thousands of people every day... along with my best recommendations! This should spread the word around! :)

Thank you more, and this is the least I can do!



Thank YOU for Partition Manager (1/15/2009)

I just want to let you know how wonderful and easy to use Partition Manager was.

It saved my laptop from being obsolete, as I was able to easily resize the manufacturer created partitions which left a C drive with NO room, as it was all filled up with operating systems updates, and let me utilize the unused space on the partitioned D:drive that was originally created for data and documents.

I save all of those on an external drive, so the D: drive has no reason to be as big as it was.

Your product was easy to use, even for someone with little technical knowledge, and worked fabulously.

I cannot thank you enough!

Christine Steele

Excellent software! (1/1/2009)

Easy to use. Fast. Error free. Intuitive. Great job guys! Helped me get rid of that HORRENDOUS MAXTOR one touch software, and format my hard drive! Thanks.


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