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EaseUS Partition Master Customer Testimonials

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EaseUS Partition Master 3.5 (12/29/2008)

I just wanted to send along a thank you.

I downloaded the Home Edition because I wanted to partition the hard drive on my laptop.

It took about 20 minutes to download, install, read the manual, create the new hard drive partition and transfer all my data files to the new partition.

It was a piece of cake.

Thanks so much for making this product available to the home user.

Have a happy New Year

Mike Zeldis

Thank You (12/25/2008)

I want to express my gratitude to you for making the Home Editions of EaseUS Partition Master gratis (for personal use). You have no obligation to do this, although some end users wrongfully believe otherwise. I wish you every success and I look forward to better times when I may well be purchasing products for business use.

Ken Holmes

Partition Manager (12/24/2008)


Thank you for making EaseUS Partition Master a freeware product. It easily solved my problem of trying to resize my harddrive, where other products would not. Additionally, it worked VERY fast and is easy to use.


Partition Manager (12/24/2008)

Congratulations on the partition manager software. I used it on my computer and worked great!

Keep up the good work!

Lucian Ciobanu

Thank you (12/23/2008)


I don't know who to contact, so I'll try you. I downloaded Partition Manager 3.0 Home Edition. I am running Windows Vista Home Edition (16 Bit). I was running two operating systems but decided I only needed one.

Your above mentioned program really worked very well. It was easy to understand and very easy to use. I will admit I was a little nervous to reformat a partition and reduce it's size. Then, extend the other partition to utilize almost the full disc size.

I only needed a one time program. Yours was excellent. It exceeded my expectations. So, thank you for providing such a program.

Sidney Lanier

You did me a big favvor. (12/17/2008)

Dear EaseUS:

I'm sure 1,000's download your free programs and never give a thought to say thanks some way. I can't do that. You did me a big favor and it's a great thing that you provide a very powerful program free to us who accomplish the impossible with your labor.

I bought a new computer and had to create two drives. I found your Partition Manager, downloaded it and - WHAM! I had my drive formatted and up and running.

I plan to either buy the program or will send a gift to EaseUS as gratitude. It was so easy. I hardly ever use a partition prog, but when I do need it, it's really a great thing!

I thought of just sending a gift to the company eac time I use. I will also mention your program on my web site which is well visited by people in my profession.

When I send the gift I'll send a note with it to explain it is because I used your free program and a program so powerful as this should not be used free by anyone without showing a little grattitude.

Dr. Bill Burtkett

I have ordered the full version. (12/08/2008)

I really like your product and your product is great. I have been looking for a similar type of your program for a long time.

I have used so many key words to locate your type of program and no success until today. I used fdisk keyword and your program came up in my search. I wish I had your program long time ago. Your program is a life saver. Now I can rest in peace.

sgchon brown

THANK YOU! (11/28/2008)

I just want to say THANK YOU for your Free Home Partition Manager. I used it to resize the 4 partitions on my hard drive and it works GREAT ! !


Gary Jennings
Matthews, North Carolina USA

True Customer Service (11/27/2008)

I installed Ubuntu on my hard drive which is partitioned C: Boot (NTFS) and D: Recover (FAT32).

I decided Ubuntu was not for me and uninstalled it. I then tried to recover and Format the Un-Allocated disk space. After many hours of ignorant playing around I was in deep trouble.

I Googled and came up with EaseUS Partition Master Home Edition 2.1. Using that program over many days and with screen shots sent by me, to the Support Team at EaseUS, my drive is now back to its original condition. I would like to use this forum if I may to pass on my thanks to the Support Team at EaseUS for all their assistance. Remarkable considering it was the Home Edition of the product I was using.

Martin Green

Good stuff! (11/21/2008)

Just downloaded and used your Home Edition to repartition.

It worked as advertised - this is good software.

It is with great pleasure I will promote your software to friends and colleagues and beyond (I lecture in a University).

Best Wishes to you all.

Peter Chapman

Great Product! (11/19/2008)

Thank you.

Just a note your product worked flawlessly on my 2003 Server, it was a snap to install and use.

Great Product!

Walter Sacha
It Manager / Five Star Coordinator
Tower Chrysler Ltd.

Thanks a lot for this product (11/18/2008)

Hi there,

I just wanted to tell you, that I'm completely satisfied with your product...I found it via Google Search (resize partition windows 2003) and I must admit that I never heard about either your product or your company.

Thanks a lot for this product, worked like a charm!

Best regards
Michael Asteriou

Thanks for the free program - excellent! (10/28/2008)

Been trying to get xp home (oem version) to partition but Ms Xp controls everything too tightly.

Your website was first or second entry on the first page using google search for free partition manager or free partition magic.

1. It took a couple of minutes to download your free "EaseUS Partition Master"

2. It installed in a very short and easy time. When run it was found to be very easy and clear - big icons (big pictures..)

3. Exceptionally easy to use.

A real "Partitioning for Dummies" which justifies or explains your name "easeus" as "easy_use" (or easy-to-use)

Many thanks - I don't usually send testimonials but this first time is gen.


Use of your Partition Management Software (10/28/2008)

I want to share some experience with you.

I own a Sony TZ notebook computer with a 64 GByte SSD - and running Vista Business. Given the relatively small size of the hard drive - and the fact that almost 10GBytes are devoted to a backup system (which I had copied to DVD's), I wanted to delete the backup partition and append it to the main partition, thus gaining about 15% addition USABLE hard drive space.

Several months ago I purchased Partition Commander 10 and (after backing up my system - THANK GOODNESS) attempted to perform the operations described above. The software manual was worthless, and while I'm pretty experienced with PC capabilities and software, found after 10 SEPARATE attempts using every conceivable option - every time I tried the operations - I got the message "operating system not found" - and the software basically deleted BOTH partitions - no matter what settings I tried. I'm SURE there is probably a way to do this with Partition Commander - but it was way beyond me - each time I had to RESTORE the entire hard drive from my system backup - and wasted at least an hour doing this. I finally GAVE UP.

This morning I received my daily PC World download announcement e-mail describing your software - so I gave it a chance. Naturally the trial version did not allow the operations to be completed but the interface was so straightforward that it was SIMPLE, OBVIOUS and one never NEEDED to refer to the manual - AT ALL.

So to complete the process, I purchased the full version of the software - and the fact that you are READING THIS - is PROOF that the operation WORKED - the VERY FIRST TIME - and moreover, PERFECTLY!!!!

Your software is HEAD AND SHOULDERS above any other that I HAVE TRIED - and I commend you for a SIMPLE TO USE, QUALITY PRODUCT.

Thank you for my 10 MORE "PRECIOUS" Gigabytes!!!!!

Richard Kazares

Thanks for the great product (10/23/2008)

Just wanted to drop you a line on your great product. I've been using Paragon and Perfect Disk products for several years and yours has come up with the easiest and simplest way to add and change partitions.

Your program lets users even change the 'Main' partition in windows too. I've switched over to your product and will continue to use it in the future. Only problem I've seen so far is, if you change the size of the main/system partition (C:\), it may not properly. You should include a warning "Stop, changing this partition may disable or limit windows from performing properly" or something similar.

My system is: Microsoft Windows XP, Home Edition, Version 2002 with SP3System is: Intel Core w CPU, 6300@1.86GHz with 2.62GB of RAM with Physical Address Extension.

Thanks for the great product, keep up the good.

workCurtis W. Mogolis

Thanks for your help (10/17/2008)

Thanks for your help. It worked like a dream. It is really a great product and I will be glad to recommend it to my friends.

Jack Carson

EaseUS Partition Master Server Edition (10/10/2008)

If I were a priest I would bless you and make your product kosher! you have done wonderful things for me and solved what has been a 2+ year mystery in my efforts to extend the 'active' primary partition on Windows 2003 Server!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I hope to shout at the mountains a great victory in what you have done here today!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Thank you again,
James Kies - CEO/President Robot Builders Inc.

Thank you!! 10/4/2008)

Just wanted to drop you a note to say Thank You for your great product - Partition Manager 2.0, Home Edition. I tried several different free / trial products and I feel yours was the best. Worked great!


Partition Thank You. (10/4/2008)

I just wanted to take a minute to thank you organization for offering the free download for partition resizing and moving. Although this is a basic download for home users it worked very well. I was amazed by the professional results this free download provided. It's not often that a user can find something of this value for free and is well worth the time it takes to communicate a simple thank you. You have earned my loyalty for any future needs either by myself or others I know.

Thank You
P. Chiavetta
Wisconsin, USA

Thank you for Partition Manager Home Edition (9/21/2008)

Thank you so much for Partition Manager Home Edition. I just easily deleted a small 2GB drive on my home computer and enlarged my C: Drive with the unallocated space. It was so easy!

I am now converting C and the other 2 logical partitions from FAT32 to NTFS.

I am a long time customer of yours, as I have purchased Data Recovery Wizard in the past. When I had a question on that application, your customer support was very helpful.

Thank you, again. I appreciate your providing this free to home users!


Judy Powers

Software (9/8/2008)


I just downloaded your partition manager for home use. It worked flawlessly and wanted to thank you for making it available for home users like me.

Dave Wood

Grateful user of EaseUS Partition Master. (8/25/2008)

Thank you very much for your technical support. It did the trick! I am now all set. You can count me as a grateful user of EaseUS Partition Master.

Thanks again.

Jeff Tash

EaseUS (8/22/2008)

Ten gold medals for this program-simply brilliant!!

I am referring to the Partition Manager, it worked flawlessly and was simple to use!

steve wells

Partition Manager (8/15/2008)

Dear Sirs,

I've been looking for a free Windows based tool to free up space from my E: Drive to increase the size of my boot partion C: drive for about 4 months. Today I found your tool and it works. What is more it was easy to use. There is only one way to describe it; better than Magic!

Thank you so much, I've already told many of my friends who are not experts but "tinker" with their PC's, like me.

Great work I wish you every success.

Allan Paterson

EaseUS Partition Master is a super software (8/14/2008)

Dear EaseUS Support Team,

I appreciate your kindly help very much! Changing the partition sizes worked very well and very uncomplicated. I made backups though of both partitions but there appeared no problems. EaseUS Partition Master is a super software and also your kind and unique support!!!

Thanks again.

Yours sincerely

Harald Müller

Excellent tech support service (8/12/2008)

Dear support team:

Excellent tech support service. I wish Yiwo® continuing to be successful in software development.

All the best,


Thank you (7/20/2008)

I just downloaded the partition manager (home) and it was as promised free and easy to use.

Thank you from a very satisfied user.

It's not often that free products deliver as promised.

Server Partition Program... (7/20/2008)

Hi... just a quick note to let you know how happy I am to have found you.... program worked as advertised and was priced right... I was referred to you by my software supplier... we have a day care and they supply our accounting and payroll program... small, simple but it does the job and is easy for my staff to use... in any case the note I sent him is copied below... thanks for a good product...

Hi.. work on the weekends when the center is closed... just downloaded and ran the EaseUS program and everything worked as advertised... FYI... you have to click thru a number of warnings regarding the Windows OS.... it seems that the old NT server operating system got lost if it had to look past the first 20MB in the boot drive to find its needed components... this fault carried over into Server 2003... so an easy fix was simply to limit the boot drive to under 20MB.... but nobody told me... as I said, I usually load programs to the program default location... usually C:\program files\ XXX... my thinking is that auto-upgrades will find the program w/o my having to do anything... any way, I guessed my OS was a newer V. and I have already installed SP2, so I took a chance and it worked... I had to reboot twice but the program ran a progress screen so my anxiety was minimal... fast download, easy to use... many many thanks... I had googled (server 2003 partition program) and got zilch...

we should be good until we retire in a few....

thanks again,

fred k

partition manager (7/15/2008)

Thank you oh so much. Your partition manager is terrific and so easy to use. Thanks again!

Walt Miner

Partition Manager (7/8/2008)

To The Person Responsible For Partition Manager,

Thank You VERY VERY Much For A Great Piece Of Work, And NO Charge To Boot. FANTASTIC! What A Credit To The Computing World You ARE !! I Am So Impressed.

Thanks Again

Bruce Owens

Partition Manager - Success Story (3/31/2008)

I have a Windows 2003 Server which I tried to extend the primary partition into unused space using "DISKPART". Diskpart hung and left Windows thinking it had an 80GB drive even though it would not use more than 15GB of it.

I was able to remove some files, install Partition Manager, and resize the partition to 75GB. Two reboots later the drive is correctly sized and I have my server back!


Kevin Walker

You are the best!! (1/17/2008)

Hello once more

I am very happy to tell you, that the operation is completed succesfully.

I am very grateful for the help I have resieved from you - Thank you very much, this is the best service I have ever got from any firm!!

You are the best!!


Thanks for providing an excellent program! (1/15/2008)

Thanks for providing an excellent program. I've successfully re-sized my system partition (C:) and created the large logical partition (D:) I need.

OK, works fine...thank you so much for your responsive and clear help.

i'll be sure to tell my friends what a good program you have and that your tech support is very timely & helpful!


Thank you sooo much! (1/1/2008)

Thank you sooo much. It worked like a dream and I am slowly making Drive C as big as possible.

I read about Chengdu City: you have quite an interesting history, and many great people lived there. I spent a lot of time reading up on it!

The climate looks very much as the land I came from: the Netherlands. At the moment we live in Mexico. If you ever want to come here: please feel welcome! Mi case es tu case (my house is your house) as they say here.

Again, thank you,

Cornelia Shea

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