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EaseUS Partition Master Customer Testimonials

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A brilliant and elegant program (11/24/11)

Over the past 20 years I have partitioned hundreds of drives. None of the methods used were anywhere as straightforward as using EaseUS Partition Manager. A brilliant and elegant program.
Congratulations, and thank you.
Best regards!


Testimonials from customers on download. com (11/15/11)

- Excellent with simplicity at hand
You can't go wrong with this tool, it's abilities makes it easy and fast to perform changes to your drive, then you apply and it will reboot the system, change the partitions the way you want it, restart again and your operating system will detect that changes occurred and done!

- fantastic product
It formatted my new external hard drive to NTFS without throwing any errors. Windows disk manager constantly threw errors while trying to format.

- It works; not much more to say
It formatted my new external hard drive to NTFS without throwing any errors. Windows disk manager constantly threw errors while trying to format.

- Great Product
Great product beat all of the other products I have attempted to recover from hard disk problems.

- Great Program
It does everything that I need for it to do. I wanted a program that would clone a drive and allow me to boot the cloned drive. It allows me to move and resize partitions like I want.

- It works better that I expected
I have been test-driving several versions of linux and I added a 2nd hdd as well. This program made my life a lot easier! I am very pleased.

- 1st class partition management software!!!
I would highly recommend this software to someone who needs to manage partitions. In my case, I had a triple boot OS system. 1 OS on 3 different partitions. I never used my 3rd partition "E" drive and my primary partition "C" drive was running low on disk space. I was able to wipe my "E" partition clean in 1 operation and then in another subsequent operation, merge my "E" drive with my "C" drive. If you go to their "merge non-adjacent partitions" example, this is exactly what I did in less than 30 minutes :-).

- So wonderful
It is wonderful, easy to set up, it is fast when you are working, I like this program very much, recommend it to you.

- Very user friendly. Very stable and reliable
EaseUS is my favorite brand. I use their incredible Todo Backup which saved my life once. And their partition master that is so intuitive and easy to use and most important of all reliable.

- Very efficient for XP
Easy and simple. For those who do not want to dig into Windows internals it's a good way to extend an too busy main partition. Contains are minimal.

- Superb: does what it says fast, and does it perfectly
EaseUS is the easiest, simplest, most reliable and pleasing HDD repair app I've ever seen. Will follow this company relentlessly, fan them on Facebook, and sing their praises everywhere! Oh: and did I mention it's free?

- Works perfectly!
This product is GREAT! I'm a happy camper. P.S. I did make a backup before starting as insurance, kind a like taking an umbrella on a sunny day. ALWAYS backup you data, it's worth the effort!

- Works well, and costs nothing
Program works well. I found a junk HD, with a partition I couldn't get rid of. Partition Master helped me make it ready for use again.

Testimonials from customers on pcworld. com(11/15/11)

- It just worked!
I needed to extend my C: partition. I reduced the D: partition with a slider and increased the C: partition with another slider. Could not have been easier! Wow! Windows 7 Enterprise, 64 bit.

- Ease of use; completed tasks as required without any problems
It has done the required tasks seamlessly, effortlessly and rapidly without any problems and all is working correctly at this stage. Taking the time to read the instructions first is highly recommended and makes the task easier to perform.

- A truly amazing product!
I recommend it to anyone needing to deal with partitioning a hard drive. I've used it to clone drives, re-size partitions, create and delete partitions, formatting, renaming, etc, etc. This easy to use and intuitive program is a must have.

- Simple to use, solved all the problems
EaseUS expanded my VISTA partition effortlessly. I have had this problem for some time, and am thrilled to get it solved.

- Very easy to use, simple instructions
I would highly recommend this program, I have used it and recommended it to friends to use and will continue to do so.

How brilliant (10/25/11)

I just wanted to let you know what I think of your product.
I was looking for a decent free tool to modify my partitions and found your product after a couple of Google searches. Not recognizing your company name, I was a bit skeptical about using the product but thought lets give it a try anyway.
Well, I am totally blown away with how brilliant the product is.
Simple to install, and just as simple to use. It worked flawlessly with no issue and was simple and straight forward to use. Full marks for a brilliant product that I will recommend to anyone.
PS. What a pleasant surprise to download a "free" product and not discover that it is trialware, crippleware or trialware but a fully usable free product just as you claimed.


I love you and your company (10/25/11)

I love you and your company.
You saved me maybe 3-4 months of work because Acronis Disk Director messed up and failed to resize my partition, and I had to undelete it with your software when windows saw the drive as 1.5TB (its 0.5TB) so it was a total mess.

Aris Giachnis

The Home Edition worked excellent!(10/17/2011)

Thank You! The Home Edition worked excellent! A thousand times to say thank you!

Ezra Ozer

How impressed (10/17/2011)

Just a quick note to say how impressed I was with your product. Needing to enlarge my system partition was a breeze!!! What a bargain your free Home Edition is.
Thank you.

Mike Thwaites

Best format partition program (10/08/2011)

Thank you so much this is the best and easiest format partition program out there.

Larry Sharo

Excellent product to upgrade our computer (09/12/2011)

Thank you just doesn't say enough. Excellent product! Upgrading our computer with a new hard drive was a breeze.
Many Thanks,

Niels Hansen

Fantastic Job. Again (08/30/11)

I originally wrote in to Praise EASUS Partition Manager. While on the site I noticed to ToDo BackUp Manager.
I previously purchased two different back up programs. One, Acronis advertised backup compatibility with Blu-Ray Discs.
HaHaHa. Their product does not work with Blu-Ray. User sites @ Acronis even complain about selling a product with a feature it does not support.
I originally tried to back up a NoName (Optical Quantum) Blu-Ray disk that did not get recognized by your product (not surprised). So I ordered Verbatim Blu-Rays.
Damn, I am more impressed than before. Both programs that I paid money for (Acronis and LSoft) do not backup to Blu-Ray, but the FREE Easus Backup Manager does.
I plan to get on Acronis's User Group and let them know who's Blu-Ray back up actually works. And I am currently using version 2.51 and I noticed today that 3,0 has been released.
This fall I plan to post a review on some sites to let them know about your product. I will talk up the business, commercial side as I hope your sales are healthy.
The real shame is that Microsoft seems to recognize Acronis and has yet to give you guys you do.


A safe partition Manager software(08/24/2011)

I just got a new PC, formatted with a single partition on a 600GB drive. I downloaded Partition Manager and viola, in less than 5 min of setup I was able to create and format 4 partitions on the drive. No loss of data.


The top ranking software(08/22/2011)

Dear Madam,
I will be happy to accept your free licenses of EaseUS Partition Master Professional, as I have seen your EaseUS Partition Home Edition appeared as the top ranking in file management category of cnet, with great potential to gain interest from my readers. Please give me a week to try it out, I will try to keep my review as honest as possible to assist my user, and kindly leave your comment after I wrote my review. I will inform you as soon as I have published the review.
Besides, please accept my affiliate application at RegNow, which I just sent to your company under the name of Best PC Utilities (a590613).
Looking forward for your reply.
Thank you.

Founder of Best PC Utilites
Norb Winslow

Thanks for a great program (08/07/2011)

My Raid Array grew to 2.73 Terabytes and I was only able to use 2 TB in windows.
Then someone pointed me toward GPT partitions. I tried using the dos based Disk Part in Win7 with no luck.
Then I found EaseUS Partition Master Home Edition. Within minutes I had the drive configured as a GPT drive, and the entire 2.73 TB for 1 partition.
The Program was easy to use, GREAT LOOKING, full featured and a pleasure. It's been some time that I got something for free that was so high quality.
Thanks for sharing your knowledge!


Brilliant partition manager (06/14/2011)

This is brilliant, just what i wanted, does what it says on the tin!!!

Great free partition manager (06/14/2011)

Just used EaseUS Home Edition to resize and move two partitions. It all went smoothly. Thanks for this great free product!

Great partition manager (06/13/2011)

I recently had some problems with some empty partition on my drive. I heard about your product and decided to try it. I was able to remove the empty partition space and add it to my existing partition immediately without any adverse side effects. Thank you for creating and releasing such great software.

Thank you for partition master (06/13/2011)

I want to thank you for Partition Master. I purchased a 1tb drive which the seller said could not be formatted. I fooled around with it for two days trying all the tricks I knew, even trying to low level format. I got to a point where my programs were reporting that the drive was write protected. I downloaded Partition Master and within twenty minutes discovered that the problem was at the 32gb point on the drive (the rest of the drive was unallocated. i simply created a partition on the second part of the drive 966gb and then deleted the 32gb partition. Your software lives up to the slogan - Make Your Life Easy.
Thank You.


The best free partition tool (06/07/2011)

Thank you, thank you, thank you!

Your partition tool is one of the best of all time! I LOVE EaseUS!!! Its power level is OVER 9000!!! And it saved me a lot of trouble, too!
Than you again for this mighty tool, I hope you will be keeping it freefor home users.


The best partition manager (05/23/2011)

I have EaseUS Partition Manager downloaded, installed, and working very fine. I really like the new look about it. My compliments to the developers. For setting up, and resetting up hard drives, no program works better than EaseUS Partition Manager, and I thank you for the wonderful program when needed.

Jim Heidinger

Excellent partition manager (05/04/2011)

Ive just used your partition manager and have to say what an excellent piece of software it is, thank you


Free partition manager to upgrade system (05/04/2011)

I just wanted to commend your team on creating and offering an amazing product to the community. I am about to upgrade from Windows XP to Windows 7 but my system drive needed another 20Gb. Partition Master Home Edition did the trick and I had a larger partition in less than 5 minutes! What is even more amazing is that you offer the program for free!! Thank you, and please continue to develop great software and support the computer industry.

Greg N.

Best free partition manager (04/25/2011)

Hello. I am a Film/Video/3-D Animation graduate from Columbia College Chicago. I did not see a more appropriate department on your home page to write to, (for complements/endorsements, ect.) so thought I would email your department.

Too many times people take the time to complain, but not complement. I just finished downloading and using your EaseUS Partition Master (Home Edition). I was honestly 'blown away'! I also have a 2 years A.A.S. in programming and am usually frustrated with how poor the logic flow / lay out of most top selling software is, regardless of application. Your interface is so clean, logically laid out and intuitive; it's the holy grail of code writers for user ease and functionality.

Then of course, the fuctionality of the product it self. Again, unbelievable. I threw hard drives at it that had everything from bad partitions (inaccessible), correcting index errors, running chkdsk on drive that refused to do so in their native environment, ect. I honestly was amazed.

I found your software through download.com (cnet), and can promise you, for what it's worth, I will be one of you best true life testimonies in the professional world and still at Columbia College Chicago.

So refreshing to see an awesome product, well designed and thought out, and that does exactly what it is supposed to, (with minimal user interaction)

You guys have done a FANTASTIC job!! Keep up the good work!!!! I will recommend you product as much as possible at both school (Columbia) and with co-workers in the fired.

Thank you!


Free partition master (03/25/2011)

Thank you very much for your user friendly, free software. I'll buy for our firm and advise to everybody to use it.

Best regards,

Free partition manager (03/21/2011)

Many Thanks!
I was having real problems with pre-set partitions on a new laptop. Downloaded your free Home Edition Partition Master and fixed it easily. Very intuitive interface, easy to use for a non-expert. best wishes and many thanks again.


Outstanding! Does exactly what it's supposed to do (03/18/2011)

Couldn't ask for anything more... especially at the price. It was taking awhile to run through the routine, so I went to sleep at night hoping for the best. When I got up the next morning everything was as it should be. I realized that I should have backed up my data, but I didn't and fortunately everything turned out alright.

Mr. DonLM

This software saved me lot of time (03/15/2011)

This software saved me lot of time. It fixed some error in one of my partitions. Thanks!


Works and easy to use (03/10/2011)

Used this for a few years. Works and easy to use. Graphical disk and partition display makes it very clear what you have and what you can do.


Reliable and very helpful tool (03/07/2011)

Great tool, it helped me exactly there where windows completely let me down:
- repartitioning; especially making free a realistic amount of space on C:\ for other partitions - as opposed to windows disk manager
- converting dynamic volumes back into basic volumes. Especially this one deserves great respect.
Following the microsoft recommended procedure is extremely cumbersome, while with EaseUS this is a matter of a few minutes.
Repartitioning is always surrounded by a lot of mystery and fear for the unknown. It is almost unbelievable how easy this process is with a free tool as EaseUS.


One of the best! Easy, Powerful, Free (03/06/2011)

EaseUS Partition Master is a great tool. I service computers and have used it many times in bad hard drive situations. It supports large drive partitions, resizes, deletes and verifies partition integrity. Great product! Great company!


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