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EaseUS Partition Master Customer Testimonials

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Great partition manager software (11/25/2010)

Just wanted to say thanks for a great product - saved the day with a messed up hard drive that wasn't partitioned properly in prep for an XP install (my own fault). EaseUS was simple to use, had the options that I needed, and did the job in a few seconds without fuss or bother. I avoided having to re-install XP. Cheers!

Tim from Melbourne

Data management tool (11/22/2010)

I just had to drop a line and say that I have been searching for hours for a solution to a partition format problem on an external harddrive. Found your site, tried your free home version of partition master and it worked in literally 4 SECONDS!!!!! Awesome work. Kudos to your company and development team. I know where I will be coming for my data management needs.

Thank you very much.

Rod Olsen

Your Partition Master software is great (11/01/2010)

Your Partition Master software is great. And the fact that you offered it free for home use (where I tested it out) was a deciding factor in buying multiple licenses at my last company, where I used it to repartition my Windows servers. Keep up the good work!

Jim Krowiak

Excellent free partition manager (10/27/2010)

I do not know who to contact so would be obliged if you could forward this to the appropiate section, please. I was having trouble resizing my primary drive as it and the data had been compressed but your product did the job with no trouble at all and I even got support without purchasing your product. Although I will probably never use it again and as I am a pensioner on limited income, I do feel that I should purchase at least a basic program in appreciation for the peace of mind you have given me. I do thank you again for an excellent product.



Amazing partition master home (10/26/2010)

I am making contact to express my complete satisfaction with your EaseUS Partition Manager Home Edition. An amazing piece of software that I would like to see added to Ultimate Boot CD for end users only if that was possible. I have used E P M home twice and found it easy to use without needing any help-Resizing, shrinking/expanding; copying System Partitions on my Dell were a breeze. I do plan to add a larger Hard Drive to this laptop and having the System Partitions saved will enable a flawless re-installation of the Operating System. I plan to use this on my other Laptops to preserve the 'Restore' Partitions for later use. Thankyou for developing such a great product. Regards.


EaseUS Partition freeware program (10/25/2010)

I just want to tell you a big Thank You...

My hard drive was a mess due to an re-install of XP system recovery and your EaseUS Partition freeware program put everything back into order!

Thank you very much


Simple and easy to use (09/25/2010)


I just wanted to write to tell you how pleased I am with two of your products.

I recently decided to install a higher capacity hard-drive install my laptop, and wanted to clone my old hard-drive so that I could avoid the hassle of re-installing all software and personal files. I am not a high-level technical user, so this whole process seemed intimidating for me. Also, I did not want to spend a lot of money for cloning or backup software.

After some research online, I decided to try ToDo backup. It worked flawlessly! Despite being freeware, it was very professional, with an attractive, simple user interface. A few straightforward clicks and my disk was cloned.

After installing my new hard drive, I used Partition Master to fine-tune my new drive. Again, it was simple, easy to use, and very effective.

Thank you so much for your products! You really helped me out!

Mike W.

Works very well (09/15/2010)

I just wanted to let you know that your product works very well! I will recommend it to all of my clients.


Great Partition Manager (08/27/2010)

Dear Sir

Partition Master: New laptop within secconds partitioned. Old desktop with many many data: Within minutes partitioned, all data perfectly moved - although I missed to select them before applying so that 14 instead of finally 4 had been performed. This program is simply great (and I know what I am talking about after several trials with other programs INCLUDING Acronis.

Thanks a lot.

With best regards, Wolfhard

EaseUS Partition Master is the bomb! Piece of cake and NO DATA LOSS! (08/04/2010)

I am seldom so impressed with a product that I must take the time to write the authors, but this time it's a must. I decided to try Partition Master Free version after reading about it in Kim Komando's newsletter (Kim's the best!) I installed PM Free on a Gateway running XP, with one physical drive that I'd partitioned into C/D/E and F. Of course, I didn't make C big enough. When I got ready to use PM Free, I figured if it bombed, I'd backed up my data, so a clean install of Win 7 might be in order. Here's the clincher - I resized all 4 partitions with absolutely no problem, and did it on a computer that was 70 miles away! I did all the work via LogMeIn.com! I am absolutely amazed at you guys. I'd used another produce some years ago that was horrendous, but EaseUS Partition Master is the bomb! Piece of cake and NO DATA LOSS! Thanks more than I can say!


Great Partition Manager (07/23/2010)


Je tenais a vous remercier pour me permettre l'utilisation du programme; EaseUS Partition.

Merci ! :-)

Le partitionnement est devenu un jeu d'enfant grace a vous.

Je vous souhaite raussite dans tout ce que vous entreprendrez.



Free Partition Manager (07/05/2010)

Partition Master Home Edition.

Op System: Vista (upgraded from XP and using a RAID 1 disk setup)

On this computer and other I have always partitioned my hard disks C,D,E,F,G and/or H loading various types of programs and associated programs into specific disks. eg. Disk C - operating systems, Disk D - MS Office and associated programs and related data.

I reckon this works well however, the size I allocated to C for Windows eventually was not sufficient as Windows just grows, and grows, and grows, and grows.....with every other program wanting to install on C:

Researched several options and Windows Disk Manager was not going to resolve the program. Following research on PCWorld decided to try Partition Master Home.

It has done the required tasks seamlessly, effortlessly and rapidly without any problems and all is working correctly at this stage. Taking the time to read the instructions first is highly recommended and makes the task easier to perform.

Would recommend this program highly to anyone requiring to manage disk partitions.

Well done EaseUS and if your other programs work as well you are on a winner.


Magic partition manager (06/24/2010)

Downloaded your partion master, free version, and I have to say, thank you, thank you, thank you.

This program really saved me a lot of grief and HUGE $$$$ as I didn't have to take my pc to a tech. I was also surprised it didnt contain one of those horrible conditions of some free software, "you must pay before it will fix the problem it identifies". Thanks again

Kind Regards


I can't use your program enough (06/23/2010)

Yesterday, I tried the free version of Partition Master after reading about it in PCworld and today I bought the Pro version 5.8.1 downloading it from your web site.

In all the years that I have been fooling around with these aggravating things (computers in general, I love em) I don't believe I have ever been so excited about software. I can't use your program enough. Some of the functions I have done several times just to watch the software work. Congratulations on a wondrous bunch of 1's and zeros. Well done!!


BRAVO GREAT WORK (06/07/2010)

Good Day

Thank you for free Home Edition it solved my problem!



AK Saleem Karachi Pakistan

worked great! (05/31/2010)

Just thanks for a great product. I have only praise here:

I had to resize a raid windows vista partition. Windows Vista partition manager wouldn't not allow shrinking by more than 0 bytes. I then tried the praised GParted live distribution which had to be burned to CD. I had trouble booting (display not properly configured) and Gparted wouldn't do it either since the raid system presenting one large disk instead of the two physical discs would confuse it. I tried Suse Linux partition manager, same story.

I started to despair and thought about giving up on keeping my Windows vista aside a Windows 7 partition when another search brought up EaseUS pm. Couldn't believe how easy and straightforward shrinking the Windows vista partition was after all the other trouble. On the fly it mysteriously reduced 400GB of used space to 200 GB, but all my files are still there and working!? And it's free in the basic version.

I hope EaseUS will come up more prominently in internet searches for resizing windows partitions in the future. Would have spared me many hours of trouble. I'll definitely keep a link to all the other products as my first place to look when it comes to disk management.

Thanks again

Lorenz Wernisch

worked great! (05/21/2010)

Dear EaseUS Support,

I am writing today to thank you for your "EaseUS Partition Master 6.5.1 Home Edition-Free" product.

I had a VMWare virtual disk running Windows XP Pro that I had sized to 20 GB. I needed to expand the size of the C: disk. I could not do that. XP requires that you effectively rebuild the OS. Adding a new drive with space? No problem. Adding space to an existing drive? Forget it.

I then came across EaseUS Partition Master @ https://www.easeus.com via a google.com search.

My goodness!!! I added 20GB of space to the VMWare disk with VMWare Workstation's machine settings, opened the VMWare machine, ran EaseUS Partition Master, slid the drive size arrow to increate the drive C: space, clicked apply, and that was that. I had a 40GB disk.

Thanks for making a GREAT software product, and may you receive all the sales and success that you most definitely deserve. GREAT WORK!!!


Tony Marelich

San Francisco CA

worked great! (05/14/2010)

Hello, Every once in a while I see that a product does what it says it is going to do. Your product worked great! I was easily able to re-size my partitions.

Thank you!

Bob Del Re

Great Partition Manager Software (05/11/2010)

I just wanted to let you know that I used your Partition Manager Software and it delivered as promised. I am a computer novice and know just enought to be dangerous. I was having trouble with how my hard drive was set up from the factory where it had not enough space for the "C" drive and I was constantly getting errors of "not enough space". I found your product form CNET review and based on the review and the great directions on you web site I was able to solve my problem. I had deleted and moved data, but the partition was fragmented to the point that I was unable to defrag so I was at a catch 22 with on existing space but it wasn't usable.

Following the direction of your software I was able to resize my C drive with no issues. I was able to create space, defrag the partition, and the drive is now properly sized for how I use the computer. I down loaded the software free and based my experience I won't hesitate to purchase or use your products in the futuer.

Thanks for your help.


Thank You!!! (05/11/2010)

Thank you for saving my life.

I purchased another cloning software program that had me at my wits end for days.

I luckily stumbled onto EaseUS Disk Copy thru Download SquadI was able to clone my 80 GB drive in an hour on the first try!! I then downloaded the Partition Manager software extended and tweaked all my partitions in 10 minutes With a simple and intuative interface and easy to follow directions; you guys are a god send for neophytes like myself. I will be spreading the gospel.

thank you thank you thank you


N Garrett

Partition Master was invaluable in the migration of my system (04/26/2010)

This is just a note of appreciation for my use of your free down-loadable utilities: Disk Copy and Partition Master. Both were invaluable in the migration of my system to a new bigger boot disk. I will keep your other products in mind for future requirements.


thank you so much for the great work you've done with Partition Master and Todo Backup (04/26/2010)


just few words to say to EaseUS team thank you so much for the great work you've done with Partition Master and Todo Backup.

I'm a french recent user of this two softwares and completly satisfied with this two products...

Thanks Again,


Nicolas TRACOL

free partition manager works amazingly and fast (04/26/2010)

Dear Sirs

I've used your program to resize the partitions of my hard disk and I am far more than happy:

  • It was amazingly fast
  • it worked without any kind of problems
  • I don't have any problem after the resizing

I'm really completely satisfied.

I still can't believe that you give it for free!!!

Thank you so much and kind regards


Performing perfectly in every test I could muster (04/21/2010)

Dear EaseUS Team. I must say that I have never had such satisfaction using a product as I have with yours! You provide nothing less than outstanding products, making your competitors grasping for ideas. I only wish you produced other software that works as well and the Todo Backup and partition manager. These are so easy to use, performing perfectly in every test I could muster. All I wanted to say is, thank you! I'm damn proud to say I use your products and I tell everyone I can about it. As an IT Rep., that speaks volumes!

Thanks Again,


EaseUS partition master worked absolutely flawlessly (04/16/2010)

Not enough times do people take the time to thank a company for the product they put out... EaseUS partition master worked absolutely flawlessly! It was so easy I thought I missed something. I work in the IT industry and really appreciate a good product, especially a free one. I'll be considering your company in the future for my software needs.

Wonderful job again!


EaseUS Partition Manager is just fabulous (04/12/2010)

EaseUS Partition Manager is just fabulous

Thank you for offering a FREE and excellent software. EaseUS Partition Manager is just fabulous.

Robin Russell

great free partition manager (04/12/2010)


I just really wanted to say thanks. Your partition manager is a great program, and it's nice that you offer it to home users for free.

Thanks for free Partion Master (04/3/2010)


I work at KIPP.org, which is a non-profit education foundation that establishes free, open enrollment schools to gets kids from extremely poor backgrounds to and through college. Your zip code shouldn't determine your destiny as we say.

We were setting up a vmware esxi environment to test some SharePoint applications our teachers use and we realized we made the vms too small. We used some esxi native commands to create more space and Partition Master to expand the current C: drive to use all the new space. It worked like a charm!

Thanks for helping our organization help kids by making this free version available. Let me know any sites to which you'd like me to add a recommendation and should I ever need a server version I will definitely be in touch!



Many thanks (03/15/2010)

I downloaded Easus Partition Home Edition because I had inadvertantly (stupidly) deleted a file that had hundreds of files with information that would have been impossible to replace.

I found your recovery instructions easy to follow and was able to recover all the files.

Many thanks.


Worked like a charm! (03/08/2010)

Just used your Partition masters to increase the size of my C Drive. Worked like a charm, the best freeware I have used in years.

Will tell everyone about the stellar performance.

Thanks again !!
Drew G

Excellent & Free partition manager (03/03/2010)

I would like to offer my thanks for your excellent (and free!!) products. I have recently had occassion to use both Partition Master and Todo Backup and i'm very impressed both with their performance and user-friendly UI. I'm doing my bit to support you by spreading the word!

Thanks, MC.

This is great! (02/22/2010)


I just want to tell you a big Thank you...

My hard drive was quite a mess due to an re-install mistake and your freeware program made everything back into order !

This is great !

I really appreciated.


jm Thibault

EaseUS Partition Master Professional (02/16/2010)


Just a bit of feedback.

This is honestly the first data recovery software I've ever come across that actually does what it claims to do.

I have a Western Digital 320G external HHD which will scramble the MBR if you so much as look at it the wrong way. I knew the data was there, but just couldn't get at it after trying half a dozen so called "recover anything" programs.

Pleased to say that every last bit of data was recovered without corruption of any sort.


Thanks guys!

brendon ross

Wowwwwwww !!!!!! Amazing !!!!! (02/11/2010)

I would like to say ..... a million thanks to your programs. I accidently "DELETED" A partition that I had "6 MONTHS" of work on with regards to my humour of graphics that I created. I thought for sure it was all "GONE" And I would have to start from scratch. Well your program "RECOVERED" everyone of those files and folders !!!!!!! Wowwwwwww !!!!!! Amazeing !!!!!

I am a big fan of all your products. I have your programs, for various types of work and tools. I am going to spread the word all around !!!!!

P.S ... Yes I have been useing the partition master programs for a long time now. But it was just today I had to actually "RECOVER" A lost partition. Again .... "A MILLION" Thanks.

Best Regards ... Pete ... "THECOMPUTERGUY"

thank you (02/10/2010)

I want to thank you for your EaseUS Partition Master Home Edition. It save my butt on this job. I had a critical job with a "yesterday" deadline and I could not have done it without your app. Basically I cloned an 80gb drive to a 250gb drive forgetting that I would only have the 80gb as active on the 250gb drive. When my copy gave me an error I realized quickly that XP was useless. Your tool came up on a search and in less than 5 minutes I was back copying. Thanks.


EaseUS Partition Master 5.0.1 Home Edition - thank you note (02/09/2010)


I would like to thank you for making EaseUS Partition Master 5.0.1 Home Edition available for free to home users. It's the only truly freeware software for data from formatted partition recovery I could find and it really does the job. Your program allowed me to recover gigabytes of my wife's pictures for which loss I had been responsible. You can imagine what it means. Thank you.


Jaroslaw Kusto

Awesome product (01/20/2010)

Hi EaseUS:

I am a happy customer!!! I recently bought, downloaded and installed the latest version of Partition Master Server edition so I could expand my C: drive. I have a Dell Poweredge 820 with raid 0. My OS is Windows Server 2003 sp3. My data is on my D: drive, which has lots of room but the C: drive is almost out of space. My IT guy said I should either buy a new server or re-format my computer and install everything back on...neither option sounded good to me. I was surfing the net on partition software and cam across your website. I read allot on the forum, FAQ's and testimonials and decided I would give it a try. I followed your advice and did the following BEFORE I tried to modify my partitions:

1. Clean sweeped both drives.

2. Defragmented both drives then chkdsk them.

3. TOTALLY removed Norton Endpoint Protection security suite from the server.

4. Backed-up my entire computer on a tape drive, an external hard drive, AND just my data on a 16 gig thumb drive ( I know I was redundant on the back-ups but I cannot afford to loose my data as this would reek havoc on my business).

5. I then, per your recommendations, shrunk the D: partition (which was right next to C: part) about 20 gigs, which left an unallocated area between C and D, applied it, let it reboot and run the program, then I went back in the program and stretched C: partition into the unallocated space, applied it, let it reboot and run........and VIOLA! It worked perfectly...no glitches...no hang-ups....only a perfectly expanded C: partition. Now instead of 500mb of free space on C: drive I have 20 gigs of free space. Totally awesome...and thanks for a great product. Dear fellow computer guys, just make sure you follow the recommended steps before you run the program and you should have a great result as I did.

Charles M.

Lakeland, Fl

ps: please use my testimonial in any way you wish...you save the day and lots of money for me!

thank you (01/11/2010)

Dear EaseUS,

Let me express my heartfelt admiration for your partition tool, free for home use. I am not a regular Windows user, I use Windows at home from time to time, on my Mac under VMWare. VMWare can extend virtual discs but in order to utilise the extra space, one has to extend the partition, too. Microsoft refuses to do this since the disc is a system disc. Partition Magic costs significant money, which I am unwilling to pay only to use the tool once.

Enter your fantastic product free for home users (me) and after a few seconds of tinkering, all is fixed.

I still don't believe how easy it is. You can use my testimony on your web site if you wish, I am a full Professor of the University of Hertfordshire, England.

Thank you very much indeed. I will recommend my colleagues at work to buy this product for their work PCs.

Well done and a happy New Year.


easeus partition master is wonderful (01/07/2010)

EaseUS is wonderful, I was apprehensive to download anything from the internet but your partition software saved a computer from going to the landfill and saved me many headaches and lots of money!!!


Pam B.

2010 seems to be off to a good start (01/07/2010)

Dear EaseUS,
Then during a Google search I found YOU, EaseUS EaseUS Partition Master <https://www.partition-tool.com/ > and for FREE and it runs under WINDOWS 7!! A GIFT FROM THE HEAVENS INDEED !! It did everything the way I wanted to my RAID 1 DRIVES "merging" unallocated partition to used space.

THANKS AGAIN for such a great product and for FREE to top it all off !!


Wendell R. Reder
Plant City, Florida

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