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Display/hide parts of the Interface

To display/hide parts of the interface:

Click View > Toolbar, Action Panel, Legend.

A check mark is displayed next to the option name when the option is displayed. To hide an interface item, please repeat the step above.

Option Description


The toolbar gives you quick access to frequently used commands in EaseUS Partition Master. Move the mouse pointer over a toolbar button (or a pull-down menu item) to read a brief description of what the option does, in the status bar located at the bottom of the window. Also, when the mouse pointer is over a toolbar button, a pop-up description is displayed next to the button.

Action Panel

Click Action Panel to view a list of tasks and operations you can perform on partitions, and view the Pending operations on these partitions.


The Legend is displayed just above the status bar located at the bottom of the EaseUS Partition Master window. You can use the Legend to help you understand the different colors used in the disk map, and the partition list. Hiding the Legend increases the display area of the disk map and partition list.

Disk Map Location

Click Disk Map Location, then click the location on the main screen you want the Disk Map to display in.